Earlier this year, Georgia and Olivia aka Khalysis were commissioned to write a track that exemplified the brand ‘Bacardi’ in musical form.  The agency Resister Music loved the girls and their sound, as did Bacardi who immediately added it to the very own branded EP.

In September the girls were informed by Hollie from Resister Music that they had been nominated for an award at the Music & Sound Awards being held in October.

On 12 October, the girls found out they had WON with Resister Music.  Thanks to Resister for choosing our track, thanks to Electric Pineapple for organising the commission and finally thank you to Bacardi for adding our track to their EP.

NEXT is the nomination for Best Newcomer at the Production Music Awards 2023, and the girls are attending in London on November 2023…so watch this space!!!

All of this and the girls are still writing new songs every day.

Their newest song ‘RIDE’ is available from 20 October 2023 and pre-order from 13 October 2023.

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Whilst on Spotify why not Pre Save our Official Release ‘RIDE’ NOW!!!! Just click on the cover below.

Have a listen to our other tracks and let us know what you think…be nice.

Listen to our Production EP signed by BMG - ‘MAJESTY’ - thanks to BMG for nominating us for the Best Newcomer Award 2023, we can't wait for the night.

It was great working with Electric Pineapple and the powerhouses that are Khalysis. They created an absolute banger of a track that perfectly encompasses Bacardi’s core message to ‘Do What Moves You’. With RESISTER’S mission to support up and coming women in the industry, we were especially thrilled to have had them a part of this experience’” - Co-Founder of RESISTER Music Hollie Hutton